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We bring blocks together

For Owners

The Infillr platform brings property owners together to create valuable urban infill opportunities through the creation of ‘super lots’ – working with groups of owners to sell or develop for a premium over market value.

For Planners

We partner with local governments and planning authorities to target user sign-up in areas aligned to town planning schemes and strategies. We provide a pathway to meeting infill, growth and activation goals.

For Developers

Our community of users combine to create one of the largest pipelines of high-potential, off-market opportunities in Australia. Joining our network gives access to direct sales and development partnerships.

Perth local.

Infillr is built for property owners, by property owners.

Our story started in 2018 when a couple of property owners were very slowly and painfully trying to get their neighbours together to sell and thought “There has to be a better way!”.

Infillr spent the next couple of years in R&D before officially being launched in early 2020 – just in time for the pandemic! The business is now rapidly gathering momentum as we work on our unique way of maximising the sale price for owners like us.

Let’s work together

Urban infill opportunities are in short supply – add your property and discover the opportunities – no commitments or contracts.


Who are you?

We are a property tech business founded in 2020 by a small team of project managers and engineers based in Perth, Western Australia with two main goals:

– Provide a platform for property owners to create and sell development blocks in a fair, structured and profitable way
– Address a shortage of good quality development blocks to help combat urban sprawl and housing affordability.

Our business concept came about in 2018 through a tech pitch night in Perth. The following couple of years saw a lot of research and development before Infillr was founded in 2020. Our first proof of concept was launched shortly after, targeting the Canning Bridge precinct before commencing additional trials in 2021 across the local government areas of Melville and South Perth.

Today, hundreds of potential sites have been identified on the Infillr platform and that number is growing every week, with properties in various stages of progress towards a successful and profitable exit. Our aim is to become the largest single source of ‘off market’ development opportunities globally – helping owners sell their blocks whilst facilitating modern housing supply for future generations.

How does it work?

There are five key steps:

When you register your property with Infillr it is added to our mapping database. Our system will then automatically scan nearby blocks for existing sign-ups and development opportunities. Your block or property may sit in this registered state for some time until an opportunity pops up – at which point we move to the next phase.

Blocks identified by our system as having development potential are then run through our rapid concept and feasibility tool, which allows Infillr to quickly generate hundreds of potential development options. At this stage we’ll have a good understanding of what can be developed, what your lot is worth and which surrounding blocks may required for the next steps.

We take our best development concept information and package it together with some basic terms and conditions to form a ‘Letter of Intent’ that lays out the key terms and goals for all participants, including Infillr, to aim towards. These include:
– Concept and feasibility reports
– Estimated land value
– Minimum sale price target ($/m2)

An agreed Letter of Intent will also give us approval to liaise with any other surrounding blocks and properties that could add further value to a ‘super-lot’.

This is the stage we move to once all of the parties have signed up to the Letter of Intent – and sets the final terms and conditions we all agree to for the sale of your properties. We set hard targets for sale prices, timelines and terms and really get stuck into securing your sale, which won’t be far away at this point.

This is the end of the road! We have worked through our panels of developers and investors to find the right buyer for your property – the sale is processed in line with the Development Management Contract and we say goodbye for now.

How do I make money?

Infillr helps property owners combine and sell their lots together as a ‘super lot’, which typically provide better height, density and economies of scale for development options – resulting in your property achieving above market rates. We typically aim to achieve at least a 20% improvement on market pricing for your block.

How long does this take?

The short answer is – it depends.

We typically aim to complete the full process (from Registration to Sale) in under two years.
Large collections of properties can be more complex, whereas small groups of owners or strata holdings can be completed in mere months.

If your property doesn’t currently have development potential according to our platform it may never move past the registration or analysis phase. However, if town planning and zoning changes occur that impact your property, this will be captured in our platform and your property may become viable for development options.

How does Infillr make money?

We have a panel of high quality developers that we provide with off-market opportunities for sale.
We charge the successful developer a standard development management fee on completion of sale contract for your property.

Can I sell my property whilst signed up?

Typically the answer is yes – unless your agreement states otherwise – the following usually applies:

– You can sell your property individually.
– You cannot sell your property as part of a group or collective for the term of the agreement (once signed)

Add your property

Urban infill opportunities are in short supply – add your property and discover the opportunities – no commitments or contracts.